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Message from the President

The Circle in three words: Love, Passion, Sharing.


For a land, the one where we had the chance to be born.
An island of a thousand landscapes, a thousand scents, a thousand colors.
A little paradise, all to discover, that harmoniously share the mountains and the sea.
Located at the crossroads of Mediterranean civilizations and coveted since time immemorial...
Often conquered, never submitted! Very protected by its people, these peaceful shepherds, who have never attacked anyone and have always managed to preserve all the predations...


An infinite passion for these beautiful crafts of hospitality, gastronomy and service.
Haunted by a relentless pursuit of all that will be able to optimize, surprise and seduce!
Gourmand of beautiful product, the most authentic, the most accomplished, most tasty!
Careful to surround himself with professional staff, smiling and attentive, those who can best anticipate and meet your expectations.


A strong idea, a goal, almost a priesthood, in any case a duty, that help you discover and can share a culture, a tradition, a way of life.
We reveal you the secrets of an unknown Corsica, proud and jealous of its identity.
With this deep desire to erase misconceptions and give you beautiful emotions that will mark your memories.

Welcome to Corsica!

César Filippi