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Le Cercle des Grandes Maisons Corses


The « Cercle des Grandes Maisons Corses » (Circle of Great Corsican Houses), few words probably suggestive of English gentlemen club ... In which creators, so that pioneers philosophers, passionate about their work, love their island, inheritors of a legendary tradition of Home, are naturally grouped together for common work.

A chic and timeless place where the Masters of the places conversing with their hosts, taking care of their well being, their transmit their ancestral heritage, that of the Corsican hospitality, where the concept of sharing is not an empty word.

A unique place, with its stunning natural environment, or architecture, or its refined restaurant. Never ostentatious or seeking trend, but with only one ambition that distill an intimate atmosphere of serenity.

Individually decorated, adapted to its case. An anchor conducive to discoveries, walks rich beautiful meetings.

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