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Corsica Cape

The Corsica Cape is the most diverse region of the island. This is not just a succession of mountains covered in scrub and plunging into the sea. It was here that was erected a third of Genoese Tours of the island, stone ramparts supposed to allow to alert the population in case attacks.

These monuments are the pride of the Corsican history. The coastal road that can go around the "finger" offers little access to the sea but offers many beautiful views of the meandering coastline, sometimes even simultaneously on both sides of the island (Genoese Tower Luri, Panorama of "Serra di Pigno"). Located on the east coast of Cap Corse, Erbalunga, nicknamed the "nest of painters," is the Navy Brando. This village, very peaceful, extends a thin headland that ends with the ruins of a Genoese tower. Every year in mid-August, takes place the Erbalunga Music Festival, which hosts the big names of French music. You can perform many sporting activities such as climbing Capu Sagru. Not far away stands the hamlet of Castellu with the Notre Dame des Neiges shrine which contains frescoes and precious lintels.