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The southwest

In the southwest of Corsica, Ajaccio is the first city to share her nice long gulf, its cultural heritage and activities. Known as the city symbolized by Napoleon Bonaparte with the Napoleonic lounge and the Bonaparte house, it offers real attractions.

Culturally rich thanks to the number and diversity of its museums such as the Museum Fesch, Ajaccio is also the appeal of its cathedral, its citadel that are worth visiting. Ajaccio also has a Casino and a host of art galleries comes expand its cultural potential. Its coastline is magnified by the beaches of Isolella and Marinella.

Propriano and Sartène have a strong impact on this region. The first is known for its prehistoric remains, the mystery of its fortifications, museums, natural attractions and its religious festivals. Many accessible and exhilarating rides are offered from this city. Roccapina Beach, guarded by the Lion of Roccapina, is nearby. The second is an authentic city, marked by the history of the Vendetta between two local families, and famous for its procession during the religious festival "U Catenacciu" event that attracts tourists from island to share this moment of exceptional fervor .. . Sartène lives far from the tourist frenzy of the coast. Surrounded by vineyards, the city is visited for its old town, its place "Porta" and the church Sainte Marie.

This area meets the needs of a family tourist clientele eager to discover the Corsican culture, specifically the foundations of this culture, while also enjoying a seaside holiday thanks to the magnificent sandy beaches of the Gulf of Valinco.