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By its location in the hollow of one of the most beautiful gulfs of the Mediterranean, having inspired many poets and writers, this ancient Roman city has today become a popular seaside resort, without losing anything of its authenticity. You will discover ancient buildings such as the Cathedral of XIIth century or the Citadel of XVth which seems to crown the village, but you will also take pleasure to stroll along the quays and enjoy the permanent animation of the marina, located at heart of the village.
Only half an hour from the Port of Commerce and Bastia International Airport, Saint-Florent profits from a privileged location. Its configuration in the West, allows it to also benefit from the Agriate and its exceptional sandy beaches, surrounded by fragrant maquis.

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Hôtel La Dimora

Located “at the gates of Calvi”, the former Genoese estate of la Paratella, which King Louis XV conceded to Monsieur…

Hôtel La Roya

La Roya stands at an ideal location, on Saint Florent bay in the heart of Cape Corsica, a short distance…



Just browse through a guide, a tourist brochure to contemplate the riches of the city: Baroque oratories, majestic churches, The Old Port and Citadel perched proudly on its rocky promontory.
City of Art and History, enigmatic, indifferent to time, modern and creative Bastia reveals to visitors its many facets

But beyond the gilding, beyond the stones, beyond the palaces … what secrets does Bastia really hide?
To answer this intriguing question that even most Corsicans ask themselves, it is enough to walk through the old center; for it is in the life of its quarters, in the encounter with its inhabitants, that the soul of Bastia expresses itself best.

To discover the authentic Bastia, let yourself be tempted by a walk in the narrow streets of Terra-Vecchia, take the time to taste the many regional products on the market or in Corsican specialty shops, discover the legends and local traditions during unusual visits.

Enjoy the art of living by the bastiaise, practicing “a macagna” this form of humor so piquant that the Bastians handle with finesse.

Bastia, a city of four seasons where we enjoy meeting with family around a good meal or with friends to share a moment of conviviality during cultural meetings or sports outings or trendy evenings out.

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Hôtel des Gouverneurs

Ideally located on the heights, facing the sea, at the tip of the citadel of Bastia,



Cagnano occupies a valley facing the Tyrrhenian Sea. Its nine hamlets built according to the rules of rural Corsican habitats stretch between sea and mountains. From the beautiful marine of Porticciolo with its turquoise beach and the colossal tower of Losse, the village road invites to discover Genoese bridges, oil and chestnut mills, convents in ruins and a fragrant maquis.

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Hôtel Misincu

Hôtel Misincu Cape Corsica, ideal for your holiday in a room or suite by the sea. Our staff are available…



The purity of its waters and the richness of its architectural heritage, present Calvi like a mole on the island of beauty, nestled in the north west of Corsica. Its citadel on the water looks out at the snow-covered mountains reflecting their shadow on the sea. The boats moor at the foot of a colorful marine, extended by a beach of 5 km and a pine forest of 32 hectares, forming one of the most beautiful gulfs of Corsica.

The peninsula of Revellata, on the west coast towards Porto, contains on 300 hectars of most of the local fauna and flora, like its seabed which is the delight of diving enthusiasts.

Located above the city, the shrine of Our Lady of the Serra, patron saint of the city, offers the most beautiful panorama of Calvi.

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Hôtel Chez Charles

Hôtel Chez Charles is located between Calvi and Ile-Rousse in the picturesque village of Lumio, where it enjoys a breathtaking…

Hôtel La Signoria

Located “at the gates of Calvi”, the former Genoese estate of la Paratella, which King Louis XV conceded to Monsieur…

Hôtel La Villa

As a member of the “Relais & Châteaux” network, La Villa is truly outstanding. Its number one advantage: The View.…



Upon your arrival, you will be seduced by the ‘Place Paoli’. You can be tempted by the shaded cafe terraces, or sit on a bench and admire the simplicity of life. And if you want a little animation, a little tour on the improvised petanque grounds will allow you nice moments of relaxation.

Ile-Rousse is also three beautiful sandy beaches. Everyone will find their happiness: sailing club, jet-ski, towed buoys for sports, sunbeds and sun for the sun-lovers…
But L’Ile-Rousse is not just the sea! You can explore the villages that have made its history: Corbara, Monticello, Pigna and Santa Reparata will share with you their secrets at the turn of a paved street or a square. And if you feel like it, the hiking trails will allow you to walk in the footsteps of the old muleteers of Balagne.

Artisans, heritage, beach and friendliness, here are the ingredients that will allow you to make your next vacation in L’Ile-Rousse an exceptional stay!

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Hôtel Perla Rossa

Hôtel Perla Rossa**** is a charming hotel located in the pretty seaside resort of Ile Rousse in Balagne.

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