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Domaine de Murtoli

Domaine de Murtoli

Southern Corsica | Sartène

In the extreme south of Corsica, between sea and mountains, Murtoli spans over 2500 hectares.

With the sea in majesty, the Murtoli Estate is the perfect fusion of a vegetable world, mineral and animal. 20 patrician homes or sheep, stone buildings, refuges of peace and comfort, they all have been restored with respect for the old architecture.

Murtoli also offers food with dishes from regional products can be enjoyed in three different frames also qu'époustouflants: the "Table of the Cave", a showcase of traditional Corsican cuisine in a warm and festive den, the "Table the beach "which offers an exclusive and peaceful beach cuisine with Mediterranean tones, and a new space" La Table de la Ferme "where a chic rustic kitchen dishes showcase the products of the estate.
Murtoli also offers a catering service and packed lunches.

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A beautiful domain open all year-round where the houses are divided into three "areas": valley side, seaside and country side. 3 way to discover places, nestled in the countryside, seaside or with a view overlooking the valley and the sea.


The domain will fill all your expectations with its many activities on site for everyone: 12-hole golf course, the farm tour and picking of fruits and vegetables in the kitchen garden of the area, horseback riding, theme walks, picnics and spa (in season). Not to mention the archaeological and botanical discoveries, cooking classes, wine tasting, introduction to fishing at sea, history, art, culture and hunting weekends during the season. Spa Beach outdoor hidden behind groves of flowers, massage and treatment rooms, hydrotherapy cabins, steam rooms are available to customers (in season). It is a place of well being and beauty with massages with essential oils of the maquis and the immortal and beauty rituals.

Local attractions

The region is strongly characterized by the maquis, meadows, pastures, woods, rocks, coves and beaches and amidst all these escapes, runs a river: Ortolo, which descends from the mountains to the valley to unite to the Mediterranean. Sartène and its areas are the realm of sensational activities such as hunting, horseback riding and fishing. One area of outstanding hunting protected biotope, where game is plentiful. Horse rides along the beaches and in the bush, walking days, botanical course, the discovery of archaeological sites with a guide, golf, helicopter ride and bivouacs are organized.


  • Domaine de Murtoli
    Vallée de l'Ortolo
    20100 SARTENE


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Key features

  • 20 unique villas & shepherd houses from 170€ (per night, for 2 people).
  • Restaurants "The Grotto", "The Beach" & "The Farm" where products of domain such as veal, wild boar and cheese are honored.
  • Theme weekends (gastronomy, wine, hunting, culture, detox)