Fabulous panoramic views

Capo Rosso

Far from the hubbub of the city life, the Capo Rosso stopped the time and offers a moment of eternity. Comfy and refined, modern or design, the 46 rooms from 140 € to 470 €, are overlooking an outstanding almost unreal panorama. Spacious loggias are living pictures with the rocky immensity of the Calanche on an azure background. On the horizon, Scandola’s colours the most beautiful dreams it the last lights of the twilight.

There’s not a day without amazement, there’s not a minute which isn’t a dream, there’s not a second without magic. Everything here is beauty and harmony. And here, in the heart of the Piana’s Calanche – masterpiece of the inspired Nature – is an exception defying hotel rules. This meditative scenery gets complete with the Capo Rosso: a warm and friendly atmosphere, a high quality service, a family welcome for an accommodation with kind fares. This Capo Rosso “spirit” – always in search of perfection and improvement – has never been denied for 40 years.