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Hôtel Misincu

Hôtel Misincu

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Hôtel Misincu

Cagnano – Cape Corsica

In the heart of Cape Corsica, the comfortable, elegant Hôtel Misincu breathes new life into this unique site.

With its refined architecture, 2 restaurants, outdoor Spa and beach… could this sublime Corsica be heaven itself? Luxury is everywhere.

Live unforgettable moments by the water, in the heart of wild Corsica. All our hotel staff are at hand to make your stay an exceptional one.


Beach, olive groves, river, gardens and patios… An unpretentious and elegantly seductive universe. Luxury and authentic simplicity…

Hôtel “Misincu” offers the perfect combination of the traditions of Cape Corsica and the style of the Cyclades, in barefoot luxury…

Misincu, a miniature, untouched paradise which bows to the captivating natural landscape of the peninsula of Cape Corsica and its sumptuous coastline stretching towards the mainland.

Amid an exceptional heritage, ancient villages and 19th century villas and palaces stand above the sea and fishing hamlets.

On the east coast sits Porticciolo, the marina of Cagnano, the port and beach of one of the most beautiful valleys to descend the Serra mountains to the sea. The maquis is not far away, on slopes scented with the orange, myrtle and citron aromas so typical of the island.

On shores of dazzling blue, this cult, uniquely luxurious hotel nestles like a hidden treasure of Cape Corsica.

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Restaurant “Tra di Noi”


Misincu’s head chef, Clément Collet, concocts sincere dishes created for sharing, at the hotel’s gourmet restaurant “Tra di Noi” which opens every evening.

Locavore dining is a house principle, and the focus is on seafood. The coast off Cape Corsica is home to delicious lobster, spider crab, octopus and, later in the season, sea urchins. The fish menu features Cape species such as dentex, and rock dwellers like red scorpion fish, simply chargrilled.

The meat dishes are also local, from the estate’s neighbouring farms, and the charcuterie and cheeses are all made in Corsica.

Restaurant “A Spartera”


Restaurant “A Spartera”, for sharing…

The driftwood décor and vast dining tables invite you to enjoy lobster or spider crab, or try the day’s pizza speciality, or a grilled meat or fish dish.

Meals to share with friends for pure enjoyment on the sand…

The star of Misíncu? The produce! Charcuterie, citrus fruits, cheeses and fish… The Cape’s riches come from the land and sea, cultivated by men and women with a passion and honoured at Misíncu whose beating heart is the precious link between Man and the terroir.

Nos Cartes

Spa Misincu

Face & body treatments / Massage & Modelling massage / Biological testing

Among the olive groves, on the path leading to the river, stop at Spa Misincu to relax in the sauna, hammam and pool in a mineral décor tinged with pink.

A range of treatments à la carte for your wellbeing.

Treatments available 


The skin changes throughout the day and throughout a life. No two individuals have the same skin and each skin has many different states. We must strive to understand what the epidermis tells us, and constantly adapt our treatments in the aim of visibly enhancing the skin with immediate effect.

  • Cosmetology Skin Assessment
  • Initialisation Phase
  • Treatment Phase

As well as our treatments, Spa Misincu proposes a unique experience with a range of unprecedented wellbeing and fitness programmes comprising treatments and sports activities.

A la carte programmes adapted to your individual needs and desires.

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