Le Cercle des Grandes Maisons Corses

“If the path is beautiful, don’t ask where it goes,” Anatole France

“To come to Corsica is to set out on the discovery of an island with a rich history, but also to rediscover your senses, for this island of 1,000 beauties does not reveal one story, but many... It is your eyes that see and marvel at a palette of colours, your senses that awaken to the subtle scent of its maquis.
Corsica is also dotted with small villages that lead straight to the heart of their inhabitants and that you will get to know at each of your stays in our beautiful Houses.
The Isle of Beauty... there is no one way to discover it but rather many ways to explore it.”

There are many paths in Corsica: from the sea to snow-capped mountains, through maquis and forest, over streams and mountain pastures, past creeks and villages... And yet, there is only one way to live memorable experiences, discover well-kept secrets, places full of authenticity and the good life.

This wonderful world opens up to you when you choose to travel with Cercle des Grandes Maisons Corses, a circle made up of the island’s most beautiful resorts.

Cercle des Grandes Maisons Corses was conceived by a group of Corsican hoteliers who love their island. Who better than people who are passionate about its history to help you explore the Isle of Beauty and experience their Corsica?

Whether you are an explorer, an adventurer, a wanderer or an epicurean, Cercle des Grandes Maisons Corses invites you to discover its exceptional services and proposes to weave "tailor-made" memories for you.

To travel with Cercle des Grandes Maisons Corses is to choose quality and conviviality. From one House to another, we will be there for you at every stop along the way and promise you an exceptional stay.

Welcome to our island, to our Houses and to the encounters ahead.

All made of wood, cosy and comfy, our tree-houses await you to enjoy magical nights. Nestled in the heart of age-old trees, they are now part of the environment.